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Innovation won't ever quit advancing, it's the idea of the monster. So having a development counsel on your side is essential: to tailor a system that fits, and to uncover the right tech for your hardest business issues—regardless of the business.

IFY is a technology consulting company and one of the best technology companies in India.

Our innovation counseling administrations help you steer your change with the most recent innovation, plan thinking, and readiness, while likewise stimulating your inheritance situation—at a speed that is appropriate for your business.


What is Customer Relationship Management (CRM)? - Learn from the Best CRM Software Development company

In simple words, it is a technology used for improving your business relationships. Customer relationship management (CRM) is used for streamlining all interactions with present and prospective customers. The tool is used for streamlining connection processes, maintaining interactions with customers, and increasing the profits of the business.
ONCE INSTALLED, a CRM system can help improve contact management, lead management, increase overall productivity, and enhance sales volume. As the mantra says, the customer is the king! Our CRM helps your organization maintain the best relationship with your targeted customers on one to one basis. 

Who can benefit from a CRM System in place? 

A CRM system is a beneficial tool for everyone in the organization having interactions with internal or external human resources. From your sales and marketing team, customer support staff, business development team, to the recruiting department of the human resources, all interactions and relationships can be driven with ease and result in the success of the assigned goals. A CRM software is useful in storing your existing and prospective customers' contact information, identifying sales opportunities, and managing social media accounts and marketing campaigns run through these platforms, record grievances, and service issues all at one place.

Why is the Customer Relationship Management System so important for your organization? - Get Custom CRM today!

You may have started a business during the ongoing pandemic or may be sailing through the harsh effects it has created throughout 2020, the reality is that a majority of the businesses will have to begin from scratch once everything gets back to normal. A fruit-bearing strategy for the future is a must-have. However, getting real-time business information regarding the demand, sales and profitability can become a pain point.


Enterprise Resource Planning

What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?- Learn from the Best ERP Software Development company

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP Software, as the name suggests is a powerful business management tool to streamline and manage all processes of a business. It is generally known as the tool that can transform a business 360 degrees. Surrounding the aspects of Business Intelligence as well as managing the sales force automation (SFA), marketing automation and e-commerce, ERP has something for all.

Easy to Manage Information Technology: The complete integration of all processes is possible because of the shared database feature of the ERP Systems. The shared database is used to support multiple business functions used by these departments.

Higher Productivity and Deeper Insights: ERP systems help you do more with less or few resources. The automation of core business processes helps to reduce repetitive work and sets a pace for the organization’s work deliveries. The sources of information are reduced to a single source updated centrally for common usage of data by the employees, thus giving a complete picture of the client’s needs and demands.

Synchronized Reporting and Automation: Most of us tend to record and maintain our own databases and spreadsheets while working for an organization. We also generate reports manually whenever we are asked to present the status of our work. 

What happens if you run your business without implementing Enterprise Resource Planning? Contact the Best ERP Development Company Today!

You will miss out on a lot of Business Opportunities! Yes, this is true. If you keep on spending time on existing activities of running your business, you won’t be able to pursue any new opportunities. This also happens when the data is not streamlined in one place and a lot of time gets spent on internal communications.


conversion Focused Website Every website should be conversion focus without it like a making website only for display purpose which look stunning but not contributing to your business. Website in itself is marketing tool. Effective website can be incredibly powerful. Our conversion focus website specially designs for your website visitor to take action and think twice before leaving your websites.


Business Automation efficiently replaces manual cycles with astute guidelines-driven automation, in the nick of time examination, and open coordinated effort. Regularly this is accomplished with business automation apparatuses.

IFY is a business automation software development company that provides custom business automation development services by giving your business:

  • Greater Productivity
  • Better Customer Service
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Full Audibility and Tracking
  • Improved Job Satisfaction


Cloud computing consists of providing different services over the Internet. These resources include tools and applications such as data warehousing, servers, databases, networking, and software. Cloud computing is a popular choice for individuals and businesses for many reasons, including cost savings, productivity improvements, speed and efficiency, performance, and security.

IFY is a cloud application development company in India that provides cloud computing services to various clients in India. It also supports cloud computing software development which eventually leads to improved business efficiency and growth.


Application development is the process of creating a computer program or set of programs to perform different tasks required by the company. From calculating monthly expenses to scheduling sales reports, applications can help companies automate processes and increase efficiency.

IFY is the perfect destination since it provides application development services, web application development services, and mobile application development services. With such applications, our company focuses on making your business more accurate and scheduled, and more organized.


Use IFY's potential customer management system to obtain high-quality potential customers. The company quickly provides efficient potential customers to help customers get more business and higher return on investment.

In IFY, customers can obtain effective lead management services, providing users with a seamless alliance between marketing and sales. Through the services provided by the company, customers can effectively control and track the generation of sales leads and complete sales.


Data analytics can help companies turn their raw business data into actionable insights. Since 1989, ScienceSoft has been providing a full set of data analysis services to help companies make fast, data-driven decisions in a constantly changing environment. Through data analytics, data at the core has become a major competitive and differentiated asset. By extending artificial intelligence through the cloud, organizations can reposition their products, expand capabilities, and improve data and business maturity. Artificial intelligence creates new sources of value and sustainable growth. Every organization faces unique challenges and priorities when it comes to creating value. The data-driven analysis uses modern platforms, artificial intelligence, and powerful databases to provide you with deeper insights and help you determine the right path to value.


No, performance management is not just about annual performance reviews or appraisals. For the growth of your organization, you need a continuous check on the effective working of your employees and the direction in which they are heading.

1)      Unaligned departmental processes

2)      Fragmented reporting processes

3)      Ineffective performance management systems

4)      Handling deflated, demotivated, and frustrated employees

Real Estate Companies are either dependent on basic software or their recent interactions with their employees to measure performances. They are not taking decisions based on a fully integrated view of their overall performance throughout a period of time which can be based on driving forces, work measurements, and overall employee value to the organization and hence fail to effectively incentivize the most valuable resources.

ITS FOR YOU Performance Management Systems does everything you can expect from such a system to perform. It integrates all the key processes, individual and team goals, systems, and processes to achieve these goals and tools required to plan, manage and measure performance while providing your business with end-to-end insight into what the employee is doing, how and what should be expected in future from him or her.

Why is the Performance Management System so important for your organization? Get Custom Performance Management System Developed from the best Performance Management Software Provider in Delhi NCR!

Ditch the Spreadsheet today! - Unlock The Hidden Potential of Your Employees

  • Reduced Costs and Direct Financial Gains
  • Higher Sales
  • Motivated Workforce
  • Optimized Incentive Plans
  • High Employee Engagement
  • Improvised Management Control
  • Proper Documentation
  • Focused Strategy and Execution
  • Aligned Budgets and Forecasts